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Cost-Effective Custom Course Content Development with Flexible Delivery Options

Ambassador's SourcePak enables schools and faculty to easily create customized course content for print and/or electronic delivery to students and real-time copyright clearance for many materials.

Flexible Content Formats Include:

  1. Printed Books
    High-quality professionally printed and bound books, customizable with hard or soft covers, colors, fonts, logos, titles, tables of content, etc.
  2. eTextbooks
    Electronic files that may be viewed online, as well as loaded onto a computer or a mobile device such as an Android-based tablet, eReader or iPad.
  3. Printed Book and eTextbook Combination
    Both print and electronic delivery, offering students access to course content anytime, anywhere.

Reduced Costs

With SourcePak, schools conserve money by providing only essential course content in a variety of economical formats, without the need for edition and price changes. SourcePak offers real-time copyright clearance for most materials.

Customizable Content

SourcePak readily integrates content from a wide variety of sources, including a diverse library of publishers, web articles and professors' own materials, blogs, Open Education Resources (OER), as well as Word, PowerPoint and PDF files. Faculty can dedicate more time to developing courses rather than updating content, while students receive convenient access to the most current and relevant materials.

Complete Integration

Ambassador's SourcePak is fully integrated with Ambassador's Brick and Mortar Bookstore, Online Bookstore and Auto-Fill Solution services, is included in Ambassador's suite of Integration Services and can be a distinct or supplement service to Ambassador's eBooksPlus platform.

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