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Automated Integration of Student Information & Bookstore Transactions

Campus Link Ambassador (CLA) 3.0 provides dynamic integration between Ambassador's SourceOne proprietary supply chain management software and CampusVue, the administrative and e-learning system from Campus Management.

Simplified Transaction Processing and Posting

Campus Link Ambassador was launched in 2007 and is now used by many leading career schools around the country. The third evolution, known as Campus Link Ambassador 3.0, brings efficiency and ease to the processing and posting of student bookstore transactions:

  1. Student registration information created and/or updated in CampusVue transmits automatically to SourceOne.
  2. Student bookstore orders are processed by Ambassador.
  3. Student bookstore transactions transmit automatically from SourceOne to the student ledger in CampusVue for guaranteed-accurate posting.

Student Registration Information

Automated Integration from CampusVue to SourceOne: Based on school-defined criteria and filters, student registration information is automatically transmitted from CampusVue to SourceOne. The student information can include additional data such as spending and expiration limits, scrub sizes, book preferences (print, eTextbook, etc.) and more.

Student Purchase Information

Automated Integration from SourceOne to CampusVue: Student bookstore purchase transaction data is automatically transmitted from SourceOne to CampusVue, which ensures real-time posting for schools. The postings can be applied to different General Ledger categories, which can assist with differentiating tuition-inclusive school offered programs. In addition to the Online Bookstore, students will be able to view bookstore purchase information on their CampusVue Student Portal.

Greater Efficiency, Control and Revenue Recognition

Schools using Ambassador's Brick & Mortar Bookstore, Online Bookstore or Auto-Fill Solution will enjoy significant efficiencies from Campus Link Ambassador 3.0. Real-time postings expedite school revenue recognition, and no manual intervention means errors are reduced, allowing school faculty to focus on core university objectives.


Campus Link Ambassador 3.0 is included in Ambassador's suite of Integration Services, and is utilized by many leading post-secondary schools, colleges and universities.

Campus Link Ambassador Process Overview

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