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Customizable eTextbook Solution Simplifying the Management and Delivery of Digital Content

Ambassador's eBooksPlus is a turnkey solution that allows students to receive eTextbooks as an alternative or as a supplement to printed textbooks and course materials. eBookPlus is integrated with all Ambassador bookstore solutions and the leading Digital Content Platforms. Ambassador will assist the school in developing an eTextbook implementation plan that is aligned with the school's goals and objectives while achieving student satisfaction.

Ambassador's Print-On-Demand (POD) allows students who purchase an eBook to also order a low-cost, professionally printed version. Learn more about Ambassador's POD program.

Simplified eTextbook Ordering and Access

The eBooksPlus platform offers flexible options and a straightforward ordering and access process:

  1. Schools have the option to require printed textbooks or eTextbooks, or can allow students to choose their preference. If given the choice, students may order print or digital materials at the Brick & Mortar Bookstore or the Online Bookstore. With the Auto-Fill Solution service model, eTextbooks are automatically supplied to the student.
  2. eBooksPlus automatically creates each student account on the Digital Content Platform and redeems the eTextbook license. Students receive an eBooksPlus notification with instructions to access the eTextbook.
  3. Students can access eTextbooks via the Student Portal, the Online Bookstore or Auto-Fill Solution websites, the eBooksPlus Student Notification or Single Sign-On from the Learning Management System.

eTextbook Implementation and Adoption

Ambassador works with the school to create and implement the most appropriate eTextbook strategy to attain their goals, including Digital Content Platform selection and phased scheduling of the eTextbook rollout. Ambassador manages the entire eTextbook adoption process, from providing eTextbook availabilities or finding alternative titles if needed, to obtaining digital and duration rights and licenses, creating custom ISBNs, validating special pricing arrangements, and bundling any required eResource with the eTextbook.

Comprehensive Fulfillment Management

Working with Ambassador allows schools to have a single, trusted source for all materials whether schools require printed materials, digital materials, kits, scrubs or merchandise. This allows for cost and operational efficiencies including a consolidated inventory and booklist management process, centralized portals for ordering and invoicing and increased opportunities for publisher discounts.

Complete Integration

eBooksPlus is fully integrated with Ambassador's Brick & Mortar Bookstore, Online Bookstore and Auto-Fill Solution service models. Single Sign On integration with Digital Content Platforms, including VitalSource, and various Learning Management Systems allows for seamless student experience.

Robust Administrative Control

Through SourceOne, Ambassador's proprietary supply chain management software, administrators can manage, eTextbook licenses, including returns or cancelations, plus place students on financial hold and manage student spending limits. eBooksPlus can automatically post bookstore transactions to the student ledger and can process voucher-based or traditional payment transactions.

Prevent Unnecessary Duplication

Ambassador's no-duplicate feature prevents the purchase of duplicate materials, regardless of format (book, eTextbook or non-book) unless authorized by the school or paid via credit card.

Lower Costs with Print-On-Demand

Ambassador's SourcePak print-on-demand enables schools and faculty to create custom course content for print and/or electronic delivery to students. Through our partnerships we acquire real-time copyright clearance for many materials.


Ambassador's eBooksPlus is utilized by many leading proprietary and post-secondary schools, colleges and universities across the nation.

eBooksPlus Process Overview

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