Ambassador Invited to Present Cost of Attendance Session at APSCU

Strategies Help Institutions More Effectively and Efficiently Measure and Manage Programs

Ambassador Education Solutions, the innovator in course materials and content integration programs, has been asked to present at the 2015 APSCU Annual Convention. Helping higher education institutions more effectively and efficiently disclose students’ cost of attendance (COA), Ambassador will discuss the technologies, processes and data analytics that ease reporting and support compliance.

“While some costs vary significantly from year to year and based on each student’s unique situation, the cost of required course materials and supplies is one area where institutions can streamline their data collection and reporting processes,” said Steven M. Blicht, COO of Ambassador. “Being able to apply data in more meaningful and actionable ways enables schools to determine the appropriate amount to include in their models, more accurately predict COA, and help students understand COA so they can plan and budget.”

As federal requirements continue to tighten, colleges and universities are challenged to report precise COA metrics. That said, they also must give careful consideration to appropriately notify and educate students on the impact of these metrics on the total costs associated with a degree program, beyond simply tuition alone.

As part of APSCU’s Innovate track, “At All Costs: Accurately Estimating and Disclosing Your Studets’ Cost of Attendance,” will guide institutions in the collection, analysis and use of data as it applies to course materials, as well as the bigger picture of COA. Attendees will have the opportunity to review the kind of data points they should be collecting; ways to drill down the data by the type of book or resource the student is using; data translation for required Department of Education disclosures; and where and when to provide disclosure availability.

APSCU kicks off its three day event in Denver on Tuesday, June 2nd. Ambassador’s breakout session is scheduled for Thursday, June 4th at 2:00 p.m.

As a long-time Allied Plus member of APSCU and a sponsor of APSCU’s Imagine America Foundation, Ambassador will be collaborating with attendees in booth #407. It’s team will lead discussions around innovative approaches to course materials and content management, as well as new ways to apply relevant business intelligence.

About Ambassador Education Solutions
The innovator in course materials management and content integration programs, Ambassador Education Solutions engineers, develops and implements bookstore and technology solutions of all sizes. Each program is customized to meet the specific financial and operational goals of higher education institutions, as well as the academic goals of their students and faculty. Through Ambassador’s advanced supply chain technology, flexible fulfillment processes, and highly available support services, ordering course materials is intuitive and delivery is automatic. Integrating with leading SIS, LMS and Digital Content Platforms, Ambassador gives students seamless access to textbooks, eBooks, custom content, supplies and more, while providing administrators with key insights and intelligence to manage, measure and improve programs and outcomes. For more information, please visit

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