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Automatic Order & Delivery of Student Course Materials

Ambassador's Auto-Fill Solution provides students with all the textbooks and required course materials they need - without any student involvement. Course materials are shipped automatically, so the students do not visit any bookstore.

Efficient Order Fulfillment

Auto-Fill is an easy way to bring students and course materials together. The process is automatic:

  1. The school provides Ambassador with a list of required course materials and a student data file that includes student name, identification number and course codes.
  2. Ambassador automatically picks, packs and ships materials to each student's home, workplace or directly to the school, as profiled by the school.
  3. The school is invoiced for student voucher purchases (Auto-Fill orders are voucher only).

Reassignment Flexibility

If student orders are shipped to the school, then the school may reassign materials from one student to another whenever necessary, minimizing returns and reshipments.

Manual Ordering

Auto-Fill easily accommodates individual orders for urgent needs or new students.

No Duplicate Order Feature

Prevents students from purchasing the same item more than once via voucher, regardless of format (print or electronic), unless authorized by the school, or payment via credit card.

Immediate Support

A "Contact Us" feature enables students to receive immediate attention from Ambassador regarding any questions about their course materials or purchases.


Auto-Fill is utilized by many leading proprietary and post-secondary schools, colleges and universities across the nation.

Auto-Fill Solution Process Overview

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