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Professionally Run & Staffed Campus Asset

Ambassador's Brick & Mortar Bookstore is custom-designed to your school's needs. It includes leading-edge technology, dedicated store managers, additional staff during peak periods and full branding with your school's logo, graphics and colors. Ambassador manages all bookstore staffing and overhead for the school, including point-of-sale system and software, furniture, fixtures and inventory.

Efficient Purchasing

Students simply present their schedule and identification to an Ambassador store representative at the service counter to begin the purchase process:

  1. Ambassador's point-of-sale system automatically matches courses to the required texts and materials.
  2. For school-authorized voucher purchases, Ambassador's point-of-sale system will validate students who may pay via voucher.
  3. Student verifies the order using an electronic signature pad and completes the purchase. The student's signature is captured and included on the voucher.
  4. Bookstore staff picks and bags items from store inventory and delivers to the counter for student.

One-Stop Shopping

Brick & Mortar Bookstore carries everything a student needs for all classes. Once the school provides us with a course material list, Ambassador sources and stocks these items within the Brick & Mortar Bookstore.

No Duplicate Order Feature

Prevents students from purchasing the same item more than once via voucher, regardless of format (print or electronic), unless authorized by the school, or payment via credit card.

Multiple Payment Options

Brick & Mortar Bookstore accepts traditional forms of payment, including vouchers and credit cards. With school-authorized voucher purchases, the school can utilize Ambassador's "no duplicate" feature, which prevents students from purchasing the same item more than once. If a purchase exceeds a student's spending limit, the transaction can be completed by credit card using Ambassador's single transaction processing. Your school is invoiced for approved student voucher purchases.


Ambassador's Brick & Mortar Bookstore is utilized by many leading proprietary and post-secondary schools, colleges and universities across the nation.

Brick & Mortar Bookstore Process Overview

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