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Online Purchase and Delivery of Course Materials

Ambassador's Online Bookstore is custom-designed to your school's needs with a dedicated website/URL that is fully branded with your school's logo, graphics and colors.

Simplified 3 Step Process

It's easy to navigate. Students simply log in and provide their identification. Upon validation, the Online Bookstore:

  1. Displays required course materials.
  2. Processes the purchase transaction.
  3. Arranges shipment to the student or the school, as profiled by the school.

24/7/365 Purchasing

Online Bookstore accepts traditional forms of payment, including vouchers and credit cards. School validated voucher purchases do not require additional approval, allowing voucher students to make purchases 24/7/365. With voucher purchases, the school can utilize Ambassador's "no duplicate" feature, which prevents the student from purchasing the same item more than once via voucher.

Single Transaction Processing

If a purchase exceeds a student's voucher spending limit, the transaction may be completed by credit card.

No Duplicate Order Feature

Prevents students from purchasing the same item more than once via voucher, regardless of format (print or electronic), unless authorized by the school, or payment via credit card.

Immediate Support

A "Contact Us" feature enables students to receive immediate attention from Ambassador regarding any questions about their course materials or purchases.


Online Bookstore is utilized by many leading proprietary and post-secondary schools, colleges and universities across the nation.

Online Bookstore Process Overview

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