Ambassador’s New White Paper Shows Schools How Outsourcing Course Materials Saves Time and Money

The Choice to Outsource Becomes Clear When Schools Realize All of the Technology, Infrastructure, Inventory and Staffing Costs and Processes Involved

The adoption, management and delivery of a course materials program often can leave schools feeling overwhelmed, not to mention what they think might be saving them money can cost them more in the long run. It doesn’t have to be that way. A new white paper published by Ambassador Education Solutions explores the impact outsourcing is having on schools around the country. Educators can request a free copy of “Outsourcing Course Materials Operations: More Affordable Than You Might Think” here.

Ambassador’s white paper highlights the many organizational, technology and operational factors that go into a successful print and digital course materials program. Included in the paper is a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis worksheet so schools can accurately compare the costs of an in-house model to an outsource model. The white paper also reveals the top ten considerations for evaluating a course materials outsource partner, including simplified workflows, cutting edge technology, financial transparency, the ability to provide all course materials, and stellar support.

“It is eye opening to realize all of the technology, infrastructure, staffing and inventory costs and processes associated with a scalable course materials program – and for most schools that operate a program in-house, this takes resources away from other student-focused initiatives,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador. “When schools recognize how much heavy lifting is involved, and how much time and money they can save by outsourcing without sacrificing quality and support, the choice becomes clear.”

With Ambassador, schools maintain their ideal level of involvement and increase visibility into the course materials process while lowering costs and improving outcomes. “We’ve been doing this long enough to know how to deliver an exceptional student experience, how to create efficiencies for schools, and how to lower their operational and financial risks. At Ambassador, we take away the burden, empowering schools and students with course materials programs that are simple, effective and affordable,” noted Blicht.

This and all of Ambassador’s insightful white papers can be found on the company’s newly launched website, which details Ambassador’s simplified approach to course materials adoption, management and delivery. The website showcases Ambassador’s solutions, which are aimed at getting the right materials into students’ hands, the right way and at the right price, as well as its “I am Team Ambassador” approach and all of the ways the company supports students, administrators, faculty, IT teams and publishers.

About Ambassador Education Solutions
From print and digital to inclusive access, OER and more, Ambassador simplifies course materials adoption, management and delivery. Integrated with leading SIS, LMS, Financial Systems, eBook Readers, Publishers and Ambassador’s Digital Content Platform, we connect students with course materials, driving down costs and improving outcomes. For more than five decades, we’ve been delivering exceptional student experiences, lowering schools’ operational and financial risks, and delivering key intelligence to measure and enhance programs. With Ambassador, course materials are simple, effective and affordable. For more information, please visit

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