Course Materials Adoption, Management, Delivery and Access.

From print and digital course materials to OER, devices and more, Ambassador brings it all together. When we say all together, we mean it. Unlike any other technology on the market, our revolutionary Course Materials Platform, RODA, aggregates all print and digital materials, and layers it with integrations, single point access, support services, analytics, financial controls, and compliance – all through one flexible and easy-to-use platform, and all at no additional fee. Download our Ambassador overview >>

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One Platform. For Everyone.

Our Course Materials Platform, RODA, makes it easier for students, schools and publishers to work together.

For Students: RODA simplifies access to affordable course materials.
For Schools: RODA streamlines course materials operations, including publisher relationships.
For Publishers: RODA eases account management and reconciliation.


The Ambassador Difference


One Centralized Course Materials Platform


Verifiable Data, Accurate Payments


Flexible Pricing Models, Term Pricing Consistency


Dedicated, Knowledgeable Client and IT Support


Decades of School & Publisher Partnerships

Course Materials Solutions

Delivery & Access

We connect students with all of their course materials, easily and efficiently.

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Ambassador All-In – Automatic Access to All Course Materials with EZ Opt-Out

Inclusive Access – Automatic Delivery of Digital Content with EZ Opt-Out

Online Bookstore – School-Branded, 24×7 Ordering

Hybrid Bookstore – Online Site for Course Materials, On-Campus Hub for Other Items

Brick & Mortar – On-Campus Storefront

Fulfillment – Bulk Delivery to School


We manage the entire course materials lifecycle so schools and publishers don’t have to.

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RODA – Course Materials Platform

Integrations – SIS, LMS, Financial Systems, eBook Readers, Publishers

Digital Advantage – Digital Content Curation, Management

EZ Opt-Out – Clear Path, Department of Education Compliance

Pub PinPoint – Embedded Digital Content Control, Visibility

Adoption Tools – Evaluation, Selection, Support

Ambassador Analytics – Real-Time Data, Reporting, BI

DeskCopy-Connect – Streamlined Acquisition

Content Lab – Custom Collections

Advisory Services – Guidance from Industry Leaders

Compliance – Regulatory Assistance

Publisher Passport – Plan, Track, Report

Buybacks – Sell Back Textbooks

TAG – Receive at Campus and Distribute Pre-Bundled Shipments


We make sure students and faculty have what they need when they need it.

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Print Textbooks – New, Used, Rentals, Marketplace

Digital Content – eBooks, Access Codes, Codeless Access, Publisher Direct, Courseware

Open Educational Resources (OER) – Openly Licensed Materials

Print-On-Demand (POD) – Low-Cost Printed eBook

Custom Content – Hand-Selected, Tailored Materials

Devices, Laptops and Tablets – Digital Materials Accessibility

School Logo Merchandise – Spirit Wear, Branded Goods

Additional Materials – Kits, Supplies, Scrubs, Uniforms

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