Ambassador All-In Equitable Access and Inclusive Access Programs Improve Availability, Affordability and Outcomes

Ambassador Makes Day-One Access Easy

Ambassador Makes Day-One Access Easy

Ambassador All-In
Includes ALL Items
and Formats

  • Print & Digital Resources
  • Inclusive Access Materials
  • Devices and Wi-Fi
  • OER and Custom Content
  • Scrubs and Uniforms
  • Kits and Supplies
  • Print-on-Demand
  • And More!

Ambassador works directly with thousands of educational publishers, vendors and wholesalers to source the items your students need.

Ambassador does all of the heavy lifting so students have their materials by the first day of class

  • Strategic planning
  • Access configuration
  • License management
  • Print & digital fulfillment
  • EZ Opt-Out
  • Usage & fee reconciliation

Ambassador All-In is Customizable

Student Choice: Students can choose their format or a mix of formats to meet their needs or opt-out

School Choice: Your team can assign the desired format for better course consistency

Ambassador All-In Makes Financial Sense

Affordable: More students receiving materials means lower price points for everyone

Bottom Line Impact: As more students are retained, your school maintains more revenue

Ambassador’s All-In Equitable Access and Inclusive Access Programs Support each Stakeholder


  • Convenient fulfillment and pricing peace-of-mind
  • EZ Opt-Out to decline materials, including publisher direct content


  • Compliance with ED opt-out regulations
  • 360-degree visibility into usage and fees to avoid overpayment


  • Ability to block access for students who opt-out
  • Usage analytics to verify accurate payments


Inclusive Access & Equitable Access: Automatically Connecting Students to Lower Cost Course Materials