Inclusive Access

Inclusive Access with EZ Opt-Out for all Course Materials, including Publisher Direct Content

We’ve been perfecting our All-In Access solution for nearly two decades. We do all of the heavy lifting, supporting students, schools and publishers.


  • Simple path to opt-out of course materials, including LMS embedded Publisher Direct Content
  • Choice in how they receive and use resources


  • Compliance with federal DOE opt-out regulations
  • 360-degree visibility so schools don’t overpay


  • Block access to content for students who opt-out
  • Verifiable usage analytics so publishers are paid what they are owed

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Our enhanced digital course materials solutions are critical components of our next generation Course Materials Platform, coming June 2020. Unlike anything else on the market, our platform will provide seamless access to print and digital materials, integrations, support services, analytics, and financial controls – all through one flexible and easy-to-use platform. One interface. For everyone.