New Ambassador White Paper Explores Inclusive Access and Equitable Access, Improving Course Materials Availability, Affordability, Consistency and Transparency

Ambassador Education Solutions  has been powering successful, compliant, automatic fulfillment initiatives for decades, and in its new white paper, the company is sharing its insights as schools look to develop Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs. To request a free copy of “Inclusive Access & Equitable Access: Automatically Connecting Students to Lower Cost Course Materials,” please click here.

Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs where students automatically receive their materials by the first day of class can improve availability, affordability, consistency and transparency. For example, more students have access to more course materials, and they are working from the same version/edition as each other, which can improve engagement and keep content flowing smoothly. There is typically a lower price point as costs are spread over a larger student population, and pricing is competitive so students don’t necessarily feel the need to shop around.

“Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs simplify the course materials process for students and schools, yet there are several administrative and compliance considerations schools need to be aware of for these programs to work the right way,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador Education Solutions. “Our white paper helps schools understand how Inclusive Access and Equitable Access models work (either independently or in tandem); what technologies, processes and financial controls need to be in place; and how these programs can impact the education experience.”

Ambassador does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs, from strategic planning, matching student information to required materials, access configuration, and license management, to print and digital fulfillment, opt-outs, reconciliation and invoicing. Ambassador has the controls in place to verify access and fees so schools and students only pay what is owed.

About Ambassador Education Solutions
For decades, Ambassador has made course materials simple, effective and affordable. From print and digital to OER, devices and more, Ambassador eases course materials adoption, management, delivery and access. Ambassador’s Course Materials Platform, RODA, integrates with leading SIS, LMS, financial systems, eBook readers, publishers and digital content platforms. RODA connects students with affordable course materials, streamlines operations for schools and eases account management and reconciliation for publishers, all through one easy-to-use platform. Schools and publishers trust Ambassador to improve course materials accessibility, lower operational and financial risks, and deliver usage and cost transparency. For more information, please visit

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