Tune in to Career College Central Radio and Learn How Your School’s Systems Impact Course Materials Delivery and Access

Podcast Shares Three Real-World Case Studies Whereby Schools Overcame Their Integration Challenges

Leaders from Ambassador Education Solutions were invited to join the Career College Radio podcast series aimed at helping owners and operators more efficiently and effectively manage schools and programs. The podcast, “Aligning Your Systems to Simplify Course Materials Delivery and Access,” explores the ways a school’s SIS, LMS, Course Materials Platform, and publisher platforms impact the course materials process.

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Just like Apple TV, Amazon FireStick and Roku streamline access to TV networks, movie streaming services and apps all in one place, a school’s systems can do the same for a student’s content and course materials. Together with Career College Central Radio, Ambassador details how three different schools overcame their system integration challenges to simplify student access and school operations .

Podcast Q&A touches upon each system’s role, as well as ways to minimize pressure on a school’s IT infrastructure and implement the necessary controls to protect a school’s bottom line. Audience members also will learn how a Course Materials Platform can streamline access and processes.

About Ambassador Education Solutions
For decades, Ambassador has made course materials simple, effective and affordable. From print and digital to OER, devices and more, Ambassador eases course materials adoption, management, delivery and access. Ambassador’s Course Materials Platform, RODA, integrates with leading SIS, LMS, financial systems, eBook readers, publishers and digital content platforms. RODA connects students with affordable course materials, streamlines operations for schools and eases account management and reconciliation for publishers, all through one easy-to-use platform. Schools and publishers trust Ambassador to improve course materials accessibility, lower operational and financial risks, and deliver usage and cost transparency. For more information, please visit AmbassadorEd.com.

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