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When it Comes to Course Materials, What Model is in Your Students’ Best Interests?

An Options Model Versus an Institutional Model
White Paper: When it Comes to Course Materials, What Model is in Your Students' Best Interests

Traditionally, colleges and universities have offered students an array of choices in accessing their learning materials. Yet schools that have looked at more progressive institutional course materials models are finding they can better meet the needs of their students. Explore the assumptions and the risks of options models, as well as alternative models that may increase course materials affordability, accessibility, convenience and efficacy.

Should Your Campus Bookstore Sell Books?

How and Why a Hybrid Bookstore Model Delivers More Accessible and Affordable Course Materials
White Paper: Should Your Campus Bookstore Sell Books

The landscape of the campus bookstore is changing as students seek the best prices possible. Yet this doesn’t mean the demise of this once central on-campus hub, but rather an opportunity to reposition the store itself. If revenue is declining at your bookstore and students are shopping elsewhere, learn how a Hybrid Bookstore Model can enable you to merge the convenience of an online store with the importance of an on-campus community, increasing accessibility and affordability.

eBooks and Printed Textbooks: The Value of Student Choice

Considerations and Recommendations for Successful eBook Course Materials Distribution Implementations in Higher Education
White Paper: eBooks and Printed Textbooks: The Value of Student Choice

Today‚Äôs students have, for the most part, grown up in a world filled with technology. Yet this doesn’t necessarily mean they prefer eBooks over printed textbooks when it comes to course materials selection. Learn about the value of student choice and how by empowering learners to make a decision based on their own needs and individual learning style, you can deliver a more personalized education experience.

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