Ambassador Accelerates Launch of Enhanced Digital Course Materials Solutions so Schools can Deliver Content Online Quickly and Easily

Ambassador's Revolutionary New Course Materials Platform will Make it Easier for Students, Schools, Publishers and Vendors to Work Together

Ambassador Education Solutions has announced that it is accelerating the launch of enhanced digital course materials solutions that will help schools rapidly transition coursework online in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The modules that are available for immediate use are designed to streamline, among other things, Inclusive Access and Publisher Direct Content. The company’s next generation course materials platform will launch in its entirety Spring 2020.

“The health and well being of everyone is most important, and as social distancing forces learning online during this time, we are here to help schools and students in any way we can,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador. “Ambassador has been hard at work for the last 12 months developing a new course materials platform that enhances digital adoption, management and delivery. Given the current circumstances, certain modules are of critical importance here and now. Releasing them ahead of schedule empowers schools to get more digital content up and running quickly and easily.”

“Our approach isn’t a stopgap that allows everyone to just get by for a couple months. It is a broader strategy that Ambassador has been formulating over the past year to ease access, affordability and transparency long term for schools in all sectors,” continued Blicht. “As there is no way to know how long this current crisis will ensue, we need to collaborate. We look forward to working with publishers and other partners to make sure schools have the integrations, analytics and support necessary to keep the education process moving forward.”

Ambassador has led course materials and content integrations programs for nearly five decades. The company has a long and successful track record managing the entire digital content process, including eBooks, access codes, codeless access, publisher direct and courseware. Ambassador manages content and system integrations, creates students’ online bookshelves for single sign-on access, and handles multiple digital platforms simultaneously within each institution.

Ambassador’s Inclusive Access module, which has been modernized with EZ Opt-Out functionality, simplifies the process for students to decline course materials and helps schools comply with federal opt-out regulations. Ambassador has been powering Inclusive Access programs for close to 20 years, providing immediate, automatic access to print and digital course materials.

Additionally, Ambassador has added controls and analytics to its Pub PinPoint solution for Publisher Direct Content available through a school’s LMS. Delivering 360-degree visibility into all transactions, schools only pay what they owe based on verifiable data. Ambassador configures access for non-expiring, semester-based or census-based content. Its technology handles all terms, courses and enrollments and aligns detailed analytics with digital content durations, purchases, usage, opt-outs, returns and credits.

Coming Spring 2020, Ambassador’s next generation course materials platform will fill in the data and service gaps between schools and publishers. Unlike anything else on the market, it will provide seamless access to print and digital materials, integrations, support services, analytics, and financial controls – all through one flexible and easy-to-use platform. It will transform the way students, schools, publishers and vendors work together.

“Uncertainties surround us, no doubt. Delivering course materials solutions that simplify and streamline operations, scale with schools’ needs, and deliver continuity as market dynamics shift is of the utmost importance. This is our pledge to the education community,” said Blicht.

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From print and digital to inclusive access, OER and more, Ambassador simplifies course materials adoption, management and delivery. Ambassador’s Course Materials Platform is integrated with leading SIS, LMS, Financial Systems, eBook Readers, and Publisher Platforms, connecting students with course materials, driving down costs and improving outcomes. For more than five decades, we’ve been delivering exceptional student experiences, lowering schools’ operational and financial risks, and delivering key intelligence to measure and enhance programs. With Ambassador, course materials are simple, effective and affordable. For more information, please visit

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