Ambassador Releases Exclusive Technology for Student Opt-Out of Publisher Direct Content in Inclusive Access Programs

Ambassador's EZ Opt-Out Improves Compliance for Schools and Validates Accurate Usage and Compensation for Publishers

To further advance its EZ Opt-Out functionality for Inclusive Access programs, Ambassador Education Solutions has announced it is releasing new, proprietary technology that streamlines the opt-out process for Publisher Direct Content within a school’s LMS. This functionality is essential for schools to remain in compliance with applicable Department of Education regulations and for publishers to reconcile accurate usage and fees.

While the opt-out process for digital resources such as eBooks, access codes and courseware is straightforward, the process for Publisher Direct Content has been a challenge as links to this digital content tend to be openly available to enrolled students whether they opt-out or not. Additionally, varying access durations and duplicate usage further complicate opt-out validation. Ambassador’s exclusive EZ Opt-Out functionality takes the company’s Inclusive Access solution to the next level, overcoming these hurdles in a way other technologies can’t match.

“We have spoken with many schools that want to offer Publisher Direct Content via Inclusive Access, but they are overwhelmed by the management, compliance and potential overpayment risks,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador. “Publisher Direct Content automatically delivered through an LMS enables easy access for students, but it’s not just about getting the content up and running. There are numerous controls that need to be implemented on the backend to address compliance, transparency, student choice, usage and costs. Ambassador does all of the heavy lifting while providing schools peace-of-mind that no detail has been overlooked.”

A further concern with Publisher Direct Content stems from students still having access to content despite having opted out. “There hasn’t been an effective way to lock down Publisher Direct Content because the links continue to exist for students to access. Through publisher integrations with Ambassador’s new Course Materials Platform, students who opted out will be denied access, further securing the content and increasing the integrity of Inclusive Access,” said Blicht.

Ambassador’s Inclusive Access solution, which the company has been perfecting for nearly 20 years, empowers students, schools and publishers. It simplifies students’ ability to decline print and digital course materials, including textbooks, eBooks, access codes, courseware, and Publisher Direct Content. Additionally, Ambassador’s tight controls available through its Pub PinPoint solution make Publisher Direct Content easier to manage. Depending on the criteria established between the school and publisher, Ambassador configures access for non-expiring, semester-based or census-based content and aligns student opt-outs and duplicates appropriately. Not only do these controls support compliance, but schools and publishers gain complete transparency on the usage durations and student opt-outs so schools only pay what they owe and publishers are accurately compensated.

This news comes on the heels of Ambassador’s announcement that it is pre-releasing enhanced digital course materials modules to help schools deliver remote learning. In the coming months, Ambassador is releasing its next generation Course Materials Platform in its entirety. Unlike anything else on the market, it will provide seamless access to print and digital materials, integrations, support services, analytics, and financial controls – all through one flexible and easy-to-use platform.

“We challenged ourselves to address the hurdles of Publisher Direct Content on an LMS for ALL stakeholders. Easing the workflows between students, schools and publishers is paramount,” commented Hercules Bontzolakes, CTO of Ambassador. “Even more so, this overall strategy has been built into the architecture and functionality of our new Course Materials Platform, which has been designed to streamline the course materials lifecycle for everyone and transform the way students, schools and publishers learn, work and collaborate.”

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