Ambassador Closes Out Banner Year as More Colleges and Universities Choose its Inclusive Access, Digital, and Online Bookstore Solutions

More Than 800 Campuses Look to Ambassador to Increase Accessibility and Affordability

Ambassador’s longtime commitment to increasing the affordability and accessibility of course materials is being recognized by higher education institutions. The company has been awarded 11 new client contracts this year to date, while 5 existing clients initiated expanded partnerships. From these new and expanded accounts, Ambassador is delivering cost effective course materials options to an additional 100,000 new students through its Online Bookstore, Digital, and Inclusive Access models.

“We kicked off this year inviting schools to explore our ‘Bookstore of the Future’ approach, which has resonated with colleges and universities as they seek smart, flexible ways to serve their students and help students save money,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador Education Solutions.

“These new and expanded contracts go beyond the benefits of our advanced technology. Schools are aligned with our partnership philosophy too, which is built upon accountability and longevity. We have a vested interest in our clients’ operations and their students’ success, collaborating and customizing not only today, but also evolving for the future. This is a big reason why so many schools transition to Ambassador and stay with us long term,” added Blicht.

With the additional contracts, Ambassador now manages and delivers course materials across more than 800 campuses. The company has seen great traction this year with its Online Bookstore, Digital, and Inclusive Access models, all of which help schools lower costs, keep pace with the evolution of course materials, and embrace new means of distribution. Ambassador’s solutions not only ease textbook and eBook acquisition, but also streamline access to publisher direct content, courseware, access codes, digital homework, OER and more.

Ambassador has built its technology, solutions and services to help solve the challenges that are impacting so many schools, faculty and students. With an emphasis on two of the biggest challenges, affordability and accessibility, Ambassador empowers schools to reduce costs, simplify the adoption and fulfillment process, and drive improved learning outcomes.

About Ambassador
Ambassador creates and manages customized content integration programs that connect students with course materials in the most meaningful and effective way, driving down costs and improving outcomes. Integrated with leading SIS, LMS and Digital Content Platforms, we simplify the adoption, management and delivery of textbooks, eBooks, digital resources, custom content, OER, access codes, online testing, supplies, kits, devices and more. We provide an exceptional student experience, lower your operational and financial risk, and deliver key intelligence to measure and enhance programs. For more information, please visit

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