Institutional Course Materials Models Can Provide Greater Costs Savings and Convenience, According to New Ambassador White Paper

Ambassador Explores Ways to Increase Affordability, Accessibility, Convenience and Efficacy

Some colleges and universities offer students an array of choices in accessing their learning materials, assuming that students understand their options and the associated costs. Yet, this isn’t always the case. Ambassador’s new white paper reviews the assumptions and risks surrounding options models and explores institutional models that make course materials automatically available to students at an affordable price.

“When it Comes to Course Materials, What Model is in Your Students’ Best Interests? An Options Model Versus an Institutional Model” is available for free download. Click here to request your copy.

“Some course materials models with perceived lower costs can actually end up costing students more in the long run, which can lead to student frustration and stress,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador Education Solutions. “Taking matters into their own hands, schools that deliver institutional models can simplify the entire process for students, ensuring students have their course materials in hand, reducing costs, and positioning students for academic success.”

The white paper discusses the financial and/or academic risks for students when they are left to navigate the course materials market on their own through options models, as well as highlights success stories from schools that automate the process through institutional and Inclusive Access models. Under an institutional course materials model, schools include the cost of materials in tuition or as a course fee. Students have the option to opt out, though most don’t because both the price and convenience factors are so attractive.

Ambassador has a proven track record developing institutional and Inclusive Access programs centered around affordability, accessibility, convenience and efficacy, while also complying with opt out regulations. Simplifying the adoption, management and delivery of course materials, Ambassador provides students with easy and affordable access to content so they can be successful.

About Ambassador
Ambassador creates and manages customized content integration programs that connect students with course materials in the most meaningful and effective way, driving down costs and improving outcomes. Integrated with leading SIS, LMS and Digital Content Platforms, we simplify the adoption, management and delivery of textbooks, eBooks, digital resources, custom content, OER, access codes, online testing, supplies, kits, devices and more. We provide an exceptional student experience, lower your operational and financial risk, and deliver key intelligence to measure and enhance programs. For more information, please visit

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