It’s everything for everyone. Our revolutionary course materials platform brings it all together, making it easier for students, schools, publishers and vendors to learn, work and collaborate.

All print and digital materials. All integrations. All support services. All analytics. All financial controls. All through one flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Built upon the same reliable solutions and services the industry has come to know and expect from Ambassador, we are layering added course materials functionality on our robust infrastructure:

  • Next-gen technology with streamlined adoption, management and delivery capabilities
  • Inclusive Access with clear and compliant EZ Opt-Out
  • Pub PinPoint with accurate analytics and payments for publisher direct content
  • Single point integration with SIS, LMS, Publisher Platforms and eBook Platforms


Simple. Effective. Affordable. That’s course materials with Ambassador.

The transformation of digital content and all course materials is coming. Spring 2020.