The Hybrid Bookstore: Merging the Best of Online and On-Campus Stores

Ambassador's White Paper Outlines Strategy for Improving Course Materials Affordability and Accessibility Through a Hybrid Bookstore Model

Changing market dynamics are driving fewer students to their campus bookstores to obtain textbooks and other course materials, yet the campus bookstore isn’t going away. In fact, it remains the centerpiece that connects schools with their students, faculty and alumni. Many schools have found the answer working with Ambassador Education Solutions to implement a Hybrid Bookstore, whereby students order materials from the school’s online bookstore, but still visit the on-campus hub for ancillary items.

To learn how a Hybrid Bookstore works, request your free copy of Ambassador’s white paper, “Reimaging the Campus Bookstore.”

A Hybrid Bookstore improves course materials accessibility and affordability, giving students convenient, affordable and stress free access to print and digital course materials, while maintaining an on-campus go-to for merchandise, school logo apparel and grab ‘n’ go items. Plus, students decide where to ship their course materials orders – either to the on-campus location for easy student pick up, or directly to the student residence.

“The Hybrid Bookstore merges the best aspects of online and on-campus stores, and it’s a win-win for students and schools,” said Steven M. Blicht, CEO of Ambassador Education Solutions. “Because course materials are available through a school-dedicated online bookstore managed by Ambassador, schools avoid the hassles of inventory logistics and costs, while students benefit from lower prices. Plus, our team helps schools plan their on-campus presence and inventory mix, creating popular spaces that students and others want to visit.”

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For decades, Ambassador has made course materials simple, effective and affordable. From print and digital to OER, devices and more, Ambassador eases course materials adoption, management, delivery and access. Ambassador’s Course Materials Platform, RODA, integrates with leading SIS, LMS, financial systems, eBook readers, publishers and digital content platforms. RODA connects students with affordable course materials, streamlines operations for schools and eases account management and reconciliation for publishers, all through one easy-to-use platform. Schools and publishers trust Ambassador to improve course materials accessibility, lower operational and financial risks, and deliver usage and cost transparency. For more information, please visit

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